CDG Digital Media was born out of a love of capturing moments on film, which eventually turned into digital media. The moment my oldest son (Cole, above) began playing soccer, the camera never left my hands 15+ years later. My photography eventually branched out into video production, which led me to working with great musicians in the area. This ultimately resulted in me becoming a photographer for a local band named Rigbi. Every situation is unique and, but the goal is always the same, to shine the spotlight on you.

Over the last decade, I have met a great number of small business owners including Realtors, coffee shop owners, framing professionals, restaurant owners and retail business owners, along with talented trainers and athletes. The one common thread connecting them all is that they had a story to tell. They might not have realized it yet, but they did. In 2012 I made my first mini-documentary for a motorcycle builder/metal fabricator from NJ. This short film was then shared with the right people at the right time resulting in him being cast on a TV series. He didn't ask me to create this film, but there was something about his passion and his craft that lead me to want to tell his story. If you are serious about your business/craft/sport/passion and want to be heard, let me tell your story.

Marc A. Reynolds

Photographer/Video Creator/Editor/Background Music Creator

see above 

Cole W. Reynolds


                               Copy Editor & Marketing 

Currently studying marketing at The Stillman School of Business - Seton Hall University. Cole has a knack for noticing the subtle details of marketing and brand representation. As a student athlete Cole learned the importance of dedication and teamwork as well as time management. Between classes and physical fitness training sessions Cole continues to help with overseeing his duties at CDG Digital Media.